Sunday, March 3, 2013


Our business is a tough one and right now seems to be some of the hardest times we’ve ever had to endure.  With tough times and uncertainty, comes negativity.  Dark, heavy, moral zapping negativity.  Some of the negativity we can't control, most of it we can.   

Here's a few ways to control the negativity and stay away from it:

Remember The Golden Rule.  Do unto others as you would want done unto you. 

Don’t gossip. 

Avoid negative people in the workplace.  Don’t feed them with your attention and time. 

Avoid reading industry blogs that are negative.  These don't do anyone any good.  Ignore the doomsayers.
Smile.  It’s simple, easy and contagious. 

Be positive.  Try to find the positive in everything.

Get up and walk around.  Don’t manage or lead via e-mail and text messaging.  One on one interaction is key.
Be a leader in your office.  It's amazing how fast people will follow a positive, engaging and motivating leader. 
Bitch up, not down.  Have an issue with something at work?  Don’t talk to your co-workers about it, talk to your boss behind a closed door.

This is radio. It should be fun.  While not everyone in your building may be enjoying their job, find the ones that are and attach yourself to them.  I bet you'll enjoy your job more.