Saturday, March 9, 2013


I was recently asked by a group of station owners and programmers "what makes radio great?" 

My answer, "The Triple C."  

Great radio stations and great radio talents are great companions for the listener.  It doesn’t matter the format, show or daypart.  If you do it right, you are a companion and friend to the listener.  That makes radio great.

Your job on air is to connect with the listener.  You should be real, relatable and authentic.  If you are those, you’ll connect.  The more you connect, the more loyal audience you will have.  That makes radio great.

Serving your community is key.  Be in touch and connected to things happening in your area.  Be the place they depend on for local information.  Be the place businesses come to to spread their message.  Remember the words from researcher Mark Ramsey, "local isn't where you are, it's what you do."  That makes radio great.

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