Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Here are some interesting stats from a national TeleNav survey of 514 American owners of smart and feature phones. The respondents were over the age of 16 and the survey was conducted on-line. The emotional bond presented here may useful information for on-air promotion or on a sales call.

• 40% say they would prefer to go shoe less for a week rather than give up their IPhone

• 40% say they would prefer to give up their toothbrush over the IPhone

• 83% think that other IPhone users would make the best romantic partners

• 33% would be willing to give up sex for a week over giving up the IPhone. 70% of those respondents were women

• 70% would give up alcohol before their phone

• 63% would give up chocolate

• 55% would go without caffeine

Sunday, August 7, 2011


My wife recently found a box of cassettes in the basements and asked me “why in the world do you still have these?” I told her not to touch them. They are gold to me. Over 20 years of radio airchecks from various stations where I’ve worked. Some I’ve never heard since the day I did the show.

I bought a machine that converts these cassettes to MP3’s and I can make CD’s out of the audio. I have one cassette player left in the house and I’m sure that will it eventually die.

I’ve been spending my free time listening to these airchecks and converting them to MP3’s. It’s been great. Yes, a little embarrassing, but totally fun.

It reminded me how important is was (and still is) to randomly record shows and keep them…forever. I would recommend randomly taking a show, recording it (no matter how good or bad the show was) and put it your personal achieves.

Someday, you’ll stumble upon them and be glad you took the time to save that show.