Sunday, February 24, 2013


I have readers of my blog from all over the world.  One of them lives in Lagos, Nigeria.  Ayo has a cool idea for his show and he's looking for your help.  Read his e-mail below and if you are interested in being on his show, you can contact him directly:   

Ayo Owodunni 

Thanks for you help.

John Paul

Ayo Owodunni on The Beat in Lagos, Nigeria
Hi John,

So I’m thinking of a wild idea and I’m begging for your help. I want to create a segment on my radio show and tag it “World Stories in 15 Minutes.”

The goal is to connect (via google hangout) with presenters/newscasters or anyone knowledgeable enough from different parts of the world to share news from their world in literally 3 minutes (the clock would be ticking).

I’m hoping to get someone from India, Asia (well India is in Asia but more so China, Japan, Korea area), US, South America, South Africa, West Africa, Europe, and even Australia. I’m hoping we could all patch in from our different places at least once a week (Fridays) and just share.

It’s meant to be fun and interactive but also fast paced. It’s never been done in Nigeria before and I would love to be the first.

Please can you advice? How do I link up with people from these areas?

Please any advice and help would be greatly appreciated.

You’re awesome!!!!


Saturday, February 9, 2013


Every once in a while we all need a little motivation.  I ripped these off the internet. 




Hope you have a great week.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Lois Lewis is the Director of West Coast Promotion for Republic Nashville.  Before she got into records, she was a great jock in several markets in Arizona, including KNIX in Phoenix.  

She recently posted this on her Facebook page and she's got a great point.  Read on: 

If you have the privilege of being on the radio, say it correctly. If you don't know how to say it, ask.

A friend. A boss. Google. But, ASK.

In the past month, I've heard the following from a few of my favorite radio stations:

"Happy New Years!" (It's not A New Years. It's either New Year's Eve or New Year.) 

"ValentiMe's Day." (NO. WRONG.)

And for the grand finale: While I hope this jock was just being funny, but seriously doubt it... "It's a DOG-EAT-DOG world", not a "Doggy-Dog-World." Yes. I really heard that. And it wasn't on Animal Planet Radio. 

Sincerely, Lois (former Radio Personality & Grammar FREAK) Lewis

I thought of a one that annoys me when I hear it twice a year.  It's not "Daylight SavingS Time."  It's singular.  It's "Daylight Saving Time."

Do you have any you'd like to share?