Sunday, March 18, 2012


For those of you that are on air, here's a different way to aircheck your show.

Listen to it while doing something else.

It's amazing what you will hear when you aren't staring at the speaker and listening intently. Real listeners don't listen to your show that way. Every once in awhile you should try it.

If you track your show, listen to it in real time while working around the house, in the garage or driving in the car. Have it on in the background. This is exactly how everyone else is listening to you.

You'll be able to hear flow, momentum, inflection and energy the way the listener hears you. Plus, if you're a Programmer, you'll be able to hear the music mix (tempo, balance, era, etc) and how well your imaging sounds and if it's cutting through.

Sometimes we have to take a step back to really hear things the way the listener does.

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