Tuesday, December 15, 2009




He will oversee the company’s country formats and 600+ affiliate stations

December 15, 2009 – New York, N.Y. Dial Global today announced the hiring of John Paul as Senior Director of Country Programming.

John Paul will based in Denver and oversee the programming of Dial Global’s four country formats. He will be responsible for managing the Program Directors of Mainstream, Country, Classic Country, True Country and serve as PD of the company’s Hot Country format.

Paul has built a successful track record as Program Director at KUPL, Portland and WYRK/WBUF, Buffalo. He has a reputation for his versatility; integrating product knowledge with branding, management, promotion and sales. This is evidenced by Radio Ink naming John “One of the Top 10 Best Program Directors in America”.

John Paul is also the Chairman for the 2010 Country Radio Seminar (CRS) and has served as a consultant to Albright & O’Malley.

John Paul commented: “I am thrilled to work for a company that values great programming and ideas as much as Dial Global. Overseeing multiple country formats and being the Sr. Director of Country Programming is a job that has always been my goal. I just bought a new winter jacket and a Broncos hat, so I'm ready for Denver!”

Beau Phillips commented “Within minutes of meeting John, we were convinced that he is one of country radio’s brightest stars. John sees the big picture and shares our passion to put the magic back into radio. We are confident that he will take our country programming to new heights.”

Programming President Kirk Stirland added “hiring a quality programmer like John Paul is another big step in Dial Global’s mission to redefine the role of a radio network. John fits in perfectly with our plan to set the bar higher for radio performance.”

John Paul replaces Jim Murphy, who resigned his position with Dial Global last week.

Dial Global is radio’s largest full-service, independent radio network, providing services to more than 6,000 radio stations nationwide. Dial Global, is the leading provider of 24/7 music formats, with broadcasting operations in Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Omaha and Nashville. The company also handles national advertising sales representation for over 200 radio programs and networks in addition to their own programs and services.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Jay Trachman passed away on Saturday, November 28th. For those that weren’t familiar with Jay, he was a true friend to radio and one of my original mentors. Jay was a tremendous talent coach, teacher and author of “The Handbook for Radio Personalities.” A book that didn’t look like much on the outside, but once opened, it would transform any mediocre personality into a true communicator that understands what makes personalities great. Here are a few of my favorite tips from the book:

Be Yourself.

Know your audience.

Talk to ONE person.

Understand the nature of entertainment. Entertainment means helping people to experience emotions in a safe environment.

Have something to say.

Respect your listener.

Don’t lie to your listener.

Assume your listener is as intelligent as you.

Time Matters. Brevity is essential.

Be unique.

Make your listener feel.

People bond with people.

Get a life (one of my favorites). You’ve got to be an interesting person before you can be an interesting performer.

The book has much more, but those are some of the basic principles. I’m not sure how many of his books are left, but his son Will may be able to find you a copy. I was lucky to become an acquaintance of Jay’s. A few years ago as a Christmas gift to my entire air staff at KUPL, I bought everyone a copy of Jay’s book. I could tell talking to him how proud he was that after all these years his message of being one on one, yourself and real was still being taught. Like I posted on his Facebook page, radio needs more people like Jay Trachman.