Sunday, March 18, 2012


Nearly 40% of radio listeners will only listen on the weekends.

That's a pretty big number of people that only hear your station on Saturday and Sunday.

Consistency is key.

Look at any big successful brand. They are consistent in their message, their product and their delivery. No matter where you buy a can of coke, it always tastes and looks the same. Every Starbucks has the same overall look and feel to it, no matter which one you visit.

Don't throw away your weekends with weaker jocks or play just music with sweepers and imaging (if that's not what you do on weekdays).

Have something BIG on Monday morning (grand prize, feature, benchmark, etc). Run promos all weekend to push those people to Monday morning. If you're in a PPM market, imagine what a difference one meter (that may only listen on the weekend) makes if they tune in Monday morning. Every minute and occasion count.

Syndicated shows can really help build you cume. If you run them, schedule music imaging promos within that show to let the listener know what you are all about the rest of the week. Sell your station's benefits.

If your full-time staff doesn't do a live weekend show, have them voice track. Get your morning show to track a "best of" on Saturday mornings recycling the best bits from the previous week. I firmly believe that a TRACKED show with a solid full time jock is far better than a LIVE show with a mediocre jock.

Make weekends as big a priority as Monday through Friday.

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