Monday, April 19, 2010


Here's what some of my Facebook freinds are saying about the ACM Awards:

Kelly Ford
Love the fans around the stage @ACM's on @cbs4Denver. It gives great energy to the performances. Blake Shelton nailed it! Wooohoooo for Lady A and song of the year. You heard it first on Denver's Kygo.

Travis Moon
Congrats to Luke Bryan!!!

Dale Desmond
Does Rascal Flatts ever sound good at awards shows?

Erin Heise Luecke
Way to go Darius Rucker for a great ending to a great awards show. Lady A....Amazing!

Jon Anthony
Well, at least they're doing a whole B&D special that will be TAPED tomorrow night. Surely, the (different!) sound guys will fix the screw-ups in post-production!

Jennie Smythe
Good lookin' crowd at the las Vegas airport at 5am... Present company @AshleyMixson excluded of course.

Jim Quinton
What an ACM awards! Congrats to Lady A, LUKE BRYAN, MIRANDA LAMBERT, Carrie Underwood and all the winners!

Chad Rachel Are Cloverdayle
Really enjoyed watching the ACM's tonight! LOVED Miranda's performance and watching Reba sing Terry's new song, "I Keep On Loving You"! So incredibly pumped to play w/ Jason Aldean's band for our showcase on May 19th too! ....But right now, I'm mostly looking forward to celebrating Rachel's birthday in the morning!!!! :-)

Lois Lewis

couldn't be ANY better: Darius Rucker just sang in my ear, "Lois, you look wonderful tonight." I mean.... wow.

Kerry Wolfe
It is 88 degrees in Vegas by the pool. John Crenshaw is here with long pants, long sleeve shirt and drinking Starbucks. What's wrong with this picture? Oh yea, he has wool socks on too.

Brandon Broda
just got in from capitol nashville after party... lady a ..luke.. took em down at acms tonight..back home tomorrow...

Heather Froglear
Yay Carrie! Hey, did Reba visit Troy J. Andreasen, M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon? It looks like she got new boobies! Very nice!

Heather Froglear
I'll take a Jack and Dierks to go please.... slurp.

Heather Froglear
I'd like to be a marshmallow in a Rascal Flatts Smore Sammich...

Heather Froglear
Wow! These ACM's are great! Lovin all the performances so far.

Dale Desmond
Darius performing after the Entertainer award? What's next? Taylor gets shutout? Oh wait...

Dale Desmond
The sound guys are scrambling to fix Ronnie's mic. What a way to ruin B&D's big moment!

Erica Hall
ACM's are over, now off to stalk me some Matthew McConaughey. Last nite in Vegas

Christie Michael Matthews
Oh wait..... one more thing..... did Taylor win ANYTHING? I was so focused on Miranda....

Greg Frey
wants to thank Country Radio.

Dale Desmond
Man-crush on Tim!

Greg Frey
didn't know Keith Urban was such a Kinleys fan.

Erica Hall
Matthew McConaughey, Josh Duhamel and LL Cool J. I love the ACM's...hotties everywhere!!!!

Sue Wilson Cordle

Mic to music mix way off on ACM broadcast. Music overpowering vocals.

Greg Frey
has it on good authority that German metal pioneers, The Scorpions, will be presenting the Entertainer of the Year award at the ACMs.

Monday, April 12, 2010


The Spring Book is on and it’s time to take a look at everything on your station and make sure everything is tuned-up and focused. I’ve never understood why stations only focus on “tuning up” going into the spring or fall books. To me, it’s something you should do all the time, not just twice a year. Your station and show should be the best it can be in all four seasons. Anyway, I digress. Here’s a quick list of some things to look over and tune up:

Make sure all imaging is fresh and updated. Imaging can burn as much as the music.

Are promos for music and your station position consistent and focused?

Make time to meet regularly with your airstaff. You can’t get them to improve if you are behind a closed door, on the phone and online all day.

Is everyone on the same page with the station plan? Including sales, promotions and the street team?

Make your contesting the most fun and compelling in the market with LOTS of tunes-ins.

Make the appointments to listen. TSL is about tune-ins.

With your contest and winner promos, make sure they are creative and direct ways to explain the promotions. Refreshing them every three to four days.

Completely review Selector or Music Master. Clocks/ Categories/ Rotations/ Rules/ Songs.

Do the call-out and auditorium parameters match the latest strategic plan? Double check demos and male to female quotas. Are they correct each cycle?

If you do callout, are you getting any perceptual data from the call-out?

Get away from the station, phone and e-mail and listen all day long. Completely examining everything on the station. Listen as a listener, not a radio person.

The market changes and competitors make audio chain adjustments all the time. Make sure the station continues to sound BIG and full against the market.

Do you have compelling content and a unique local experience? That makes our listeners have passion for our stations.

Does the station sound fun? Is there a good "vibe" in the hallways?

Good luck! Here’s to a great spring book!

Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm the subject of "10 Questions with..." in this week's


John Paul
Sr. Dir/Country Programming & Hot Country PD
Company: Dial Global
Born: 11/18/73, Longview, WA
Raised: Longview, WA (40 miles north of Portland, OR)

April 4, 2010

1) Congratulations on the job at Dial Global-tell us exactly what the job description is?
We have 14 different 24/7 digital formats. Four of them are Country. I oversee the PD's that program Mainstream Country, Classic Country and True Country. I'm also the day to day PD of the Hot Country format. Our four country stations together have over 600 affiliates across the country with total cumes over five million.

2) How was the move from Portland, OR to Denver for you and your wife (Nicki), and your baby. You guys settled in?
We love it here. The Portland area is my home and Buffalo, NY is my wife's home. We are nicely nestled in between both. Denver is awesome. The move was extremely smooth. We found a great house and my wife gets to be a stay at home Mom to our 11-month-old daughter. She loves that. Plus, l've never lived in a city that's an airport hub to so many different airlines. That means tons of direct flights and really low fares. I actually like flying now.

3) Can you talk about the transition from terrestrial radio to a network? What's the learning curve like?
The learning curve is extreme. I'm learning something new every day. It will take a few more months before I understand everything we do and how it works. I ask a lot of questions. Going from looking at everything local, to now national is a huge adjustment. I love having live jocks in all day parts (that's something new to me), all of them with major market experience. There are some restrictions with what we can and can't do (because they affect so many affiliates) but we find ways around them. It's all about supplying great programming out of our building.

4) What's the biggest surprise about the switch so far?
The number of people we have listening. The numbers are huge. Our AQH is well over 300,000. It blows me away. That number doesn't even include the fact that we supply Armed Forces Radio with our Mainstream Country format. We are heard on military bases, major ships at sea and in embassies all over the world. If you want country music is Baghdad, South Korea, Frankfurt, etc., you listen to us. I laugh when I think of an Iraqi local listening to country music, and he's listening to us! Our cume alone from listeners to Armed Forces Radio (not including the cume from our domestic affiliates) is around 2.5 million. You add total cume for our Mainstream Country format and we are around 5 million listeners a week.

5) The way you left terrestrial radio was a lot different from the industry you started in. Was it still fun when you left and would you ever return?
It was fun, but really stressful. Part of what continued to motivate me at KUPL (while knowing we were for sale, and dealing with cutbacks, downsizing, loosing programming tools and live day parts, etc.) was the fact that my goal in radio was to be the PD of KUPL. I grew up listening to KUPL and even worked there part time when I was 18. Being able to work there kept me motivated, but in the end I knew I wouldn't survive the sale. I saw it coming, was prepared for it and was actually relieved when it happened. I knew I had bigger and better things coming. I love radio, whether it's local, national, syndicated or satellite. I would never say I wouldn't go back to terrestrial radio, but I can't tell you how happy I am doing what I'm doing right now. There aren't many companies left that really care and invest in programming. Dial Global is one of them and I'm so glad to be here.

6) How many people do you oversee? And do you do things like go over air-checks with them?
I don't know the exact number. With all the jocks, promotions, production and programmers with all of our Country stations, it's over 50. I also oversee some people that work out of our office in L.A. I meet regularly with my Hot Country jocks and daily with the PDs, MDs, production and promotions directors and constantly offer feedback. It's my job to help make the jocks and the other stations sound as great as they can. You can't do that by having your door closed, not communicating or not returning phone calls/e-mails.

7) If I owned a radio station, why would you say I should take a Dial Global service and what would be my choices?
We can instantly supply you with a large/major market sounding station. Just because you are in Small Town USA doesn't mean your listeners aren't entitled, or want great sounding radio. We have researched music, big promotions and top talent. It will save you a ton of money and you'll be the best sounding station in your market. Plus, we supply you with all the tools to make the station sound local. We probably do more to make the affiliate sound local, than most locally programmed radio stations do. We give you all the tools to win.

8) I know people always say that the local stations need to try and keep it 'local'- however let's face it-many times even when they are 'locally programmed,' in reality they're not-so can you keep a network station sounding local with the little staff that they hire?
It's tough, but many PDs don't have the time to teach, train and push their jocks to be local. It's a shame when I hear a live and local radio station and the jocks aren't doing phoners and involving the listener. They aren't connecting with the music or the area they serve. They are just title/artist/time/temp. It's boring. Our big push at Dial Global is to give people a reason to listen beyond the music. It's just as much about talent and programming as it is the music we play. I love that philosophy. It's sad that a lot radio companies don't share that vision.

9) How do you like Denver so far? Is it a great city?
We love Denver. The weather is great (it's sunny and 70 as I answer this). It doesn't rain. I have a view of the Rocky Mountains from my house and my office. There's lots to do and see. We are having a great time exploring the area and seeing the sights. My wife and I are avid outdoors people and can't wait to hike and camp this summer in the mountains.

10) You were the Agenda Chairman of this past Country Radio Seminar. Great job! Were you pleased? Why are you returning next year-I don't remember anyone else doing two years. Isn't this kind of what the guy in Russia did when he extended his term?
Mike Culotta was Agenda Chairman two years in a row. Yes, I was extremely happy with CRS and the Agenda Committee. We knew we had challenges this year and made some big changes that I think paid off. The response has been huge and it was great to see CRS attendance up over 3.0%. I'm returning as Chairman because I enjoyed the process of creating the biggest radio seminar in the country so much. It's fun to see it go from ideas at our meetings in July, to an actual seminar.

Bonus Questions
1) Do you really drive a Volkswagen Bug? That must move well up those Colorado Mountains!
I do. I have a 1973 VW Super Beetle. I drive it every day and love it. It's in perfect condition (I'm the 4th owner. It's all original paint and parts). It's been a great car. The chicks dig it.

2) How are the restaurants? Where are you taking me when I come out there and I don't eat sushi, Indian or Ethiopian?
I'll take you to a great place called Arby's. It's really fancy. Make sure you wear a sport coat