Monday, April 12, 2010


The Spring Book is on and it’s time to take a look at everything on your station and make sure everything is tuned-up and focused. I’ve never understood why stations only focus on “tuning up” going into the spring or fall books. To me, it’s something you should do all the time, not just twice a year. Your station and show should be the best it can be in all four seasons. Anyway, I digress. Here’s a quick list of some things to look over and tune up:

Make sure all imaging is fresh and updated. Imaging can burn as much as the music.

Are promos for music and your station position consistent and focused?

Make time to meet regularly with your airstaff. You can’t get them to improve if you are behind a closed door, on the phone and online all day.

Is everyone on the same page with the station plan? Including sales, promotions and the street team?

Make your contesting the most fun and compelling in the market with LOTS of tunes-ins.

Make the appointments to listen. TSL is about tune-ins.

With your contest and winner promos, make sure they are creative and direct ways to explain the promotions. Refreshing them every three to four days.

Completely review Selector or Music Master. Clocks/ Categories/ Rotations/ Rules/ Songs.

Do the call-out and auditorium parameters match the latest strategic plan? Double check demos and male to female quotas. Are they correct each cycle?

If you do callout, are you getting any perceptual data from the call-out?

Get away from the station, phone and e-mail and listen all day long. Completely examining everything on the station. Listen as a listener, not a radio person.

The market changes and competitors make audio chain adjustments all the time. Make sure the station continues to sound BIG and full against the market.

Do you have compelling content and a unique local experience? That makes our listeners have passion for our stations.

Does the station sound fun? Is there a good "vibe" in the hallways?

Good luck! Here’s to a great spring book!

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