Monday, April 19, 2010


Here's what some of my Facebook freinds are saying about the ACM Awards:

Kelly Ford
Love the fans around the stage @ACM's on @cbs4Denver. It gives great energy to the performances. Blake Shelton nailed it! Wooohoooo for Lady A and song of the year. You heard it first on Denver's Kygo.

Travis Moon
Congrats to Luke Bryan!!!

Dale Desmond
Does Rascal Flatts ever sound good at awards shows?

Erin Heise Luecke
Way to go Darius Rucker for a great ending to a great awards show. Lady A....Amazing!

Jon Anthony
Well, at least they're doing a whole B&D special that will be TAPED tomorrow night. Surely, the (different!) sound guys will fix the screw-ups in post-production!

Jennie Smythe
Good lookin' crowd at the las Vegas airport at 5am... Present company @AshleyMixson excluded of course.

Jim Quinton
What an ACM awards! Congrats to Lady A, LUKE BRYAN, MIRANDA LAMBERT, Carrie Underwood and all the winners!

Chad Rachel Are Cloverdayle
Really enjoyed watching the ACM's tonight! LOVED Miranda's performance and watching Reba sing Terry's new song, "I Keep On Loving You"! So incredibly pumped to play w/ Jason Aldean's band for our showcase on May 19th too! ....But right now, I'm mostly looking forward to celebrating Rachel's birthday in the morning!!!! :-)

Lois Lewis

couldn't be ANY better: Darius Rucker just sang in my ear, "Lois, you look wonderful tonight." I mean.... wow.

Kerry Wolfe
It is 88 degrees in Vegas by the pool. John Crenshaw is here with long pants, long sleeve shirt and drinking Starbucks. What's wrong with this picture? Oh yea, he has wool socks on too.

Brandon Broda
just got in from capitol nashville after party... lady a ..luke.. took em down at acms tonight..back home tomorrow...

Heather Froglear
Yay Carrie! Hey, did Reba visit Troy J. Andreasen, M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon? It looks like she got new boobies! Very nice!

Heather Froglear
I'll take a Jack and Dierks to go please.... slurp.

Heather Froglear
I'd like to be a marshmallow in a Rascal Flatts Smore Sammich...

Heather Froglear
Wow! These ACM's are great! Lovin all the performances so far.

Dale Desmond
Darius performing after the Entertainer award? What's next? Taylor gets shutout? Oh wait...

Dale Desmond
The sound guys are scrambling to fix Ronnie's mic. What a way to ruin B&D's big moment!

Erica Hall
ACM's are over, now off to stalk me some Matthew McConaughey. Last nite in Vegas

Christie Michael Matthews
Oh wait..... one more thing..... did Taylor win ANYTHING? I was so focused on Miranda....

Greg Frey
wants to thank Country Radio.

Dale Desmond
Man-crush on Tim!

Greg Frey
didn't know Keith Urban was such a Kinleys fan.

Erica Hall
Matthew McConaughey, Josh Duhamel and LL Cool J. I love the ACM's...hotties everywhere!!!!

Sue Wilson Cordle

Mic to music mix way off on ACM broadcast. Music overpowering vocals.

Greg Frey
has it on good authority that German metal pioneers, The Scorpions, will be presenting the Entertainer of the Year award at the ACMs.

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