Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is a copy of a letter that we sent to the country music industry this week touting Dial Global's massive country audience.


Country Music Professional:

We are very excited about some news recently given to us from the American Forces Radio (formally Armed Forces Radio) pertaining to Dial Global’s Mainstream Country format AND YOUR ARTISTS.

Dial Global now supplies The American Forces Radio with our Mainstream Country 24/7 format and rebroadcasts it over their worldwide network. In addition to our network of over 200 radio stations in the United States that carry us through Dial Global Radio Networks, we are now heard in 188 countries around the world wherever there are military installations, bases, offices, etc. We are heard in every United States Embassy and Consulate around the world. We are also heard on 37 ships at sea, including all aircraft carriers. In addition, some of the installations broadcast us terrestrially so surrounding English speaking civilian support personnel and the native civilian population can listen. The conservative estimate is that the audience of Mainstream Country on the American Forces Radio Network is over three million per week. That doesn’t include the domestic cumes of nearly three million, making Dial Global’s Mainstream Country format the most listened to country outlet, not only in the United States, but around the world with a total weekly cume around six million.

For those of you that don’t totally know what Dial Global does, in addition to ten other formats, we program four 24/7 Country Formats (Hot Country, Mainstream Country, Classic Country, and True Country, all of them consulted by Albright & O’Malley). We provide a 24/7 radio station, complete with live talent, promotions, imaging and music logs to over 600 affiliates around the United States including Alaska and Hawaii

Country music is heard around the globe through our Mainstream format. Dial Global’s country formats are truly your one-stop to reach millions of country music fans around the world!

Please call us any time with questions. We are pretty proud of our massive audience.


John Paul
Sr. Dir/Country Programming
Program Director, Hot Country
Dial Global, Denver

John St. John
PD, Mainstream and Classic Country
Dial Global, Denver

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