Friday, November 2, 2012


Marconi The Night Ninja
I'm on the road traveling this week for work, so I asked "Marconi, The Night Ninja" to write me a BLOG.

You can hear Marconi all over the country live at night on "Rock 2.0", a Dial Global Radio Network 24/7 format.

Find  Marconi here:



There's no need to say what time a jock is off the air. The start time is all you need. (Example: "Kevin and Bean Weekday Mornings Starting at 5.")

No television promo ever says Breaking Bad tonight at 9 to 9:30. They might say followed by an ALL NEW Walking Dead, but they never tell you when something is over. The obsession with telling people when something is over on radio seems silly. How does that encourage people to listen more? It doesn't. It always sounds to me like lazy writing or a lazy D.J. who can't wait to get off the air.

Saying "PM" or "AM" seems to be something extra that isn't needed in most cases either. I know your morning show is on in the AM and your promotion for Thursday Night starts in the PM.

Same goes for promoting jocks. No need to say the afternoon guy is on at 2 "PM" or that he ends at 7 "PM" (see above).

As for websites, I believe it's okay to retire words like "LOG ON" and " WWW DOT" from our internet vernacular . Those terms sound dated. Just as "TUNE IN" and "MARK YOUR CALENDAR" are dated on the air.

Just a few tips to help clean up language clutter on your station.


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