Sunday, October 21, 2012


Clear Channel Entertainment CEO Bob Pittman recently said he's looking to make radio cool again.

I'm all for it.  But it's not easy.

Now, I don't think radio is totally uncool.  94% of all Americans still listen to the radio each week.  That's a huge reach.  But if you want to really make it cool it will take money, patience, time and a big set of balls.

This isn't directed specifically at Clear Channel, but any one and any company that wants to make radio cool.

Here's how you start:

Be prepared to spend money to attract talented people who can move the needle and get people talking.  This includes not just personalities, but programmers, producers, promotions and social media experts.
Don't be afraid of big personalities.
Don't be afraid of creativity and out of the box ideas.
Take chances.  Big ones.  The ones that make you uncomfortable.
Be a leader, not a follower.
Think WAY beyond just the music you play (they can get that anywhere). 
Give lots of focus to imaging and the overall brand of your station.
Treat employees better.  Let them breath, relax, experiment and not worry about getting downsized.
Market and promote your station.  Constantly spread the word.
Of course, these are just the tip of the ice burg.  Everyone will have their own ideas and thoughts about how to make radio cool.  These are just a few of mine.

Bottom line from me, give people a reason to listen and talk about you that goes beyond the music...the imaging, the promotions, the marketing and most importantly, the personalities.

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