Tuesday, August 28, 2012


With the political season in full swing, I thought it would be good to re-visit a post I did a few years ago about what I've learned about political spots.

I'm sure by now you are as sick of political spots on the radio as I am. You can't escape it. According to a story in All Access, an increasing numbers of complaints about political advertising on radio and TV are plaguing station owners.

At times there is so much mud slinging, hype and over exaggeration, I can't tell the spots apart or who the candidates are.

It got me thinking, if I was running for political office, what I would do in my spots and my positioning to stand out?  How would I be different? How would I cut through the clutter?

The simple answer is to be real, genuine, open and honest. Much like a winning radio station's air talent and imaging should be.

1) Be real. Don't hype.

2) Be genuine. Don't be flashy.

3) Be open.

4) Be honest. Never lie to the listener.

Instead of "calling out the competition", hyping myself and talents, exaggerating or lying about what I've done, or what my competitor hasn't done, I would be organic, real and genuine.

If you are doing those with your imaging and air talent today, think how much of a relief it is for listeners to hear your station after a break full of political ads.

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