Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This past Sunday I was watching CBS Sunday Morning and they did a great story on the power of storytelling and how popular it is right now. If you missed it, here are the cliff notes.  Read along and see how it pertains to what you do on the air.

The human mind is hard wired to respond to stories. Storytelling is the world's oldest art form.  Stories work no matter whether it's on TV, the big screen, at bed time, campfires, or yes, even on the radio.

Stories are so powerful and people love to hear them so much, there are story festivals happening all over the country.  One of the most popular gatherings is "The Moth."  These are real people, telling real stories.  Some are long, most are short.  All are true.  They are slice of life stories that people can relate with.  They are just like the stories you should do on the radio (The Moth actually has a radio show too.  Check out their site at www.themoth.org.)

The Moth started in NYC 15 years ago and people loved the personal, spontaneous, true stories so much they are now happening in coffee shops, rock halls and in cities all over the country.  They have a massive appeal with Generation X (most likely part of Gen X is in your target demo, regardless of your format). 
Even NPR is doing a weekly storytelling show (and NPR is the master of story telling on the radio). They know the value telling a great story.

Want to be the most popular jock in your market? Learn, practice and refine your story telling skills and tell them on the radio. Open up. Be you.  Be relatable.  

The segment on Sunday morning ended with the following line, "there's nothing better than listening to a great story, well told."

So true.

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  1. and they all lived happily ever after....the end