Saturday, August 4, 2012


We work in a pretty cool business, just ask any of my friends that are lawyers or CPA's whose offices are quiet, boring and stale.

After working in a few different radio stations, the one thing I've noticed are the ones that look and feel like radio stations tend to have better moral, hallway vibe and ratings.

We work in radio.  Hearing music up and down the hallway is key.  If you're lucky enough to get radio tours from new artists, invite the whole building not just the programming staff (non programming staff AND artists both love it). 

Get up and walk around.  Interact with co-workers in different departments.  Don't rely on just e-mail to communicate.

One of my favorite memories was when I was in Buffalo.  We had gotten an autographed Metallica guitar to give away.  So my APD/MD stood outside my office, plugged it in and began to play and sing Air Supply songs on this black, skull and crossbones Metallica guitar.  It was awesome and chances are that would never happen in any other office that wasn't a radio station.

One radio station where I worked had a five hole mini golf course throughout the building (the GM was a big golfer).  It was encouraged to play five holes if you were stuck on a problem and needed to clear your mind and come up with a solution.

Have fun in the halls.  Encourage creativity.  Hire people that may be slightly off their rockers.  This is radio, not brain surgery. 

While radio is a business, we need to make sure that radio is still entertainment.  That starts in the halls.


  1. Like. Like. Like. LIKE. Agree 100%.

  2. So true. I love the KOIN Center !