Sunday, October 10, 2010


There’s a lot of talk recently about how an FM receiver could be built into all cell phones. I’ve heard a few radio executives get really excited about this. Some may even think radio’s troubles could be over when this happens. Don’t hold your breath.

If there is no content worth listening to on the radio, no matter how much distribution you have, it won’t matter. Stations that are “most music” and “less personality” have the most to lose with the FM receiver in cell phones. Many people have their entire music library in their phones. No commercials. Why would they choose to listen to a radio station that has no compelling content on their phone, when everything they want musically is already there?

My point is, until there is something compelling, relatable and riveting on the radio, having a FM receiver in cell phones won’t matter. When radio wakes up and starts investing in talent and gives people a reason to listen beyond the music, then it may matter.

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