Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is from talent coach Tommy Kramer

Here’s why you simply have to have personality on the radio. Just being a music source isn’t good enough anymore (if it ever was), because the way it’s set up on iTunes or Amazon, they make recommendations based on what I’ve already listened to or bought.

So their sense of what I might enjoy is actually far more accurate than your little playlist, which contains at least a hundred songs that I could never stand in the first place, or I’m sick of now and never want to hear again—no matter what your format is. You have to entertain to offer something different, so people will abide the songs that aren’t their favorites. And you want the feeling that we’re just sitting in the living room playing songs while we talk—you know, like in real life.

Ask yourself every day “What did I do today that was really entertaining?” It doesn’t have to be a big, shiny production; just something that made listening to you worth the time I spent.

Otherwise, it’s “Hello, iPod.”

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