Saturday, December 1, 2012


Have you seen this video?  Watch it then come back and read on (if the link below doesn't work, go to You Tube and search "Why Lego Is The Best Company In The World.")

What a great move from Lego and they probably didn't even know the family would record the little boys reaction and then have it go viral.

How's your customer service?  Probably not that good.

I've always had a problem with radio people calling frequent winner's "Prize Pigs" behind the winner's back.  After reading that little boys letter, it's clear that Lego didn't refer to one of their most loyal customers in a negative way.

I'm not sure if the call back/response rate is bad in every industry, but it's brutal in radio.  And I'm just not talking about responding to listeners, I'm talking about responding to job seekers, product vendors and clients.

Why do radio people hardly ever call back or respond to listeners?  I know we are all busy with a lot of stuff on our plates, but EVERYONE deserves a call back or response. 

I was really touched watching this video.  It made me feel really good about the story and their product (even though Legos are really expensive, I now feel better about buying them for my kids and will continue to do so).  I want to spread the word of how they treated a loyal customer.

Word of mouth is great advertising.  Make sure your listeners and clients are saying great things about you, and that starts with great customer service and great customer service starts with a call back or a response to an e-mail.

I think this video is a lesson for all of us.


  1. Wow. Too bad the idiots commenting below the video had to be idiots commenting below the video.

  2. The video is really heartwarming. Lego’s customer services really did a good job! Who would have thought that, of the hundreds of letters going to Lego, they read that particular letter and found a way to make the kid’s dream come true! And I agree with you that, even if it is positive or negative feedback, everyone deserves a call back or response.