Monday, November 18, 2013


I was riveted over the weekend by "The Batkid" in San Francisco.  What a great, positive and uplifting story.  Every time I saw it online or on TV it made me feel great.  It was a nice escape from all the negative stories I see online or in the media every day.

It seems like all forms of media spend way more time covering the negative stories than the good, positive ones.  After seeing how much coverage and exposure this story got, it seems like people are really hungry for more positive and less negative.

If you are on the air, you are the gatekeeper to what thousands of your listeners will hear during your show.  Why not make it positive?  Focus on only good, lighthearted, positive things happening in the world.  Be fun and make the listener feel good when they listen to you. 

I tell my jocks all the time, "be the place people can come to and escape the negative news.  Make them feel good when they are listening to you.  Let everyone else be negative and heavy."

I think the TV news anchor I saw summed it up best when he said "this story makes me realize how much more we should talk about good things and good people."  Right on.

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