Saturday, September 7, 2013


By now you’ve heard about (or saw) the violent booing of Ryan Seacrest at the NFL home opener on Thursday Night.  I actually felt bad and a little embarrassed for him.

Call it over exposure.  Call it a demographic mismatch, either way you look at it, it's was a little painful to watch.

Seacrest is everywhere.  Maybe over exposure has set it a bit.  Or, it's a demographic mismatch.  Placing Seacrest on any NFL broadcast isn't a fit.  The audience doesn't expect it (or sounded like they wanted it).  I get that NBC is using him to promote Ryan's new game show on NBC, but forcing him to be a part of anything NFL just doesn't fit.  Maybe someone should read "The 22 Immutable Rules of Marketing."  I think they broke one (or maybe a couple) of the rules.

While watching Seacrest and hearing the boos, I thought about radio and making sure that everything you do is what your audience expects and wants from you.  Does your talent fit?   Is your imaging written to the demo?  Are your promotions focused on what your audience expects from you.  If not, fix it.  Give the listener what they come to you for and expect from you. 

Many times radio does things, or puts something on the air because it "may be cool" but doesn't really fit the stationality or what the audience expects from you and it backfires.  I think that's what happened to Seacrest and NBC last Thursday.

Don't let your station be a "Demographic Mismatch."

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