Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I constantly hear personalities using words and phrases that are yesterday.  Some are old, overused cliches, others aren't.

Here are five things that I still hear on the radio that makes the jock sound dated and out of touch. 

1)  "Don't touch that dial."  Whose radio still has a dial?

2)  Saying "WWW" before a website address.  Anyone who is online knows that you don't need to put in "WWW." 

3)  "Dial me up on the phone."  Using the word "dial" when telling listeners to call you. Who owns a phone today with a dial? I'm sure it's not your listener.

4)  Using any and all cliches.  Let's start with stopping the use of "Hump Day." 

5)  Asking your listeners to fax you anything.  If you are still telling your listeners to "fax your entry" or "fax us your PSA", you sound dated and out of touch.  It's no longer 1995.

These are just five simple things you can stop saying today and you'll sound more relevant tomorrow.

If you can think of more, I'd love to hear them.  Comment below and tell me the out dated words and phrases that you still hear on the radio.


  1. Great piece, JP. I recently heard a woman in her 30s say "tomorrow will be a carbon-copy, weather-wise, of today." Carbon copy?

    Furthermore, anything ending in -wise is completely uncool sounding. Weather-wise, traffic-wise, etc. But your #4 deals with that.

    All those jocks who say, "so stick around for that, it's coming up sometime in the next hour," are clueless about modern life. You want a whole friggin' hour of my time to pay off your measley tease? Have you noticed how busy we all are? No wonder your TSL sucks.

    Finally, not dated as much as just my personal unhip pet peeve is jocks who post on the station's Facebook page starting with, "Hey Facebook friends!!" Yeah, right, when I see your post, I suddenly picture myself in a group of 5,000 strangers. Have a nice day.

  2. 24 hours a day.....
    7 days a week
    I believe we are all familar with the passing of need for radio jock to be like a "Stalker Girlfriend...."

  3. It's seven-five, 75 degrees outside.......that KILLS ME!



    1. Props to Kenny Jay for the awesome vid.

  5. And currently we're looking at Double Nickels in downtown Wickieup, with an oldie but a goodie from the late, great Ray Price...