Sunday, February 12, 2012


For air talent in all formats, there's a million different types of show prep. Some good, some bad. Most of it is essential for a topical show and I fully recommend having access to as much show prep as possible.

But you should try an experiment.

If all the show prep you have available to you (including the Internet) were to go away, would you still be able to do an entertaining show? Do you have enough of a life outside of radio to be relatable and entertaining with your own experiences? Or as talent coach Tommy Kramer calls it, "your own camera angle?"

Show prep sites and services are really important, but don't let that be the only thing on your show. We all have access to the same Celebrity Birthday's and Hollywood Gossip. Bring your own personal stories, experiences and relatables to your show.

Talk about things that only YOU have, not what everyone else is talking about.



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  1. Hi JP-

    Yes... Be Unique. Be yourself.
    It's a great theory... as long as it fits in with proven research... right?
    This seems to be the paradox of modern radio.

    So many PDs today are terrified to color outside of the established lines. They play it safe with liners and straightjacket-fitting formats until the uniqueness of the talent is completely squeezed down into a cookie cutter voice presentation any nicely voiced intern could crank out.

    And then they wonder why a talent has decreasing numbers! It's like asking Pujhols to play with one hand tied behind his back... and then blaming him when his batting average suffers.

    You remain my favorite PD to have worked for because you gave me room to play within the context of the format... and the numbers showed it. Old listeners still ask me, "How is your mom in Texas?" because you took the risk of having her on the show. Thanks for that! More PDs could learn from you.

    Now that I'm a woman without a format (driven to do conscious, topical, transformational entertainment that makes a positive difference in listener's lives) I can say LETS BLOW THE DOORS OFF OF THE STATUS QUO of broadcasting. (But then, in doing so, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.)

    The world is asking for positive, entertaining, intelligent content that pushes the medium, and the collective consciousness, forward. Radio CAN be used more consciously to help shape a healthier, happier world.

    Ghandi said to "be the change" we wish to see in the world. Our thoughts shape how we feel about ourselves and others... and radio programming helps shape the thoughts of humanity. If we truly want to change the world for the better, we must start feeding listeners better brain food for thought.

    NOW... to find innovative radio partners who aren't afraid to try something unique.


    Conscious Media Visionary