Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've been saying for several months now that “Country music is bigger and better than it’s been in over a decade.” Proof of that is what has happened this week on three of the most popular shows on TV (Idol, Celebrity Apprentice and Rascal Flatts being the last musical guest on Oprah).

If you are in sales and pitching new clients (or dealing with people) who don’t think country music is mainstream, part of pop culture and extremely popular, you may want to remind them of John Rich, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and Rascal Flatts.

Nearly 30 million people watched the finale of American Idol and over 122 million votes were cast. A new record.

America knows that these two are all about country music and will be heard ONLY on Country radio (they are the most Country sounding songs ever to come off of Idol, IMHO).

While I work with multiple formats, I'm extremely proud today to be a part of Country music and Country radio.

Spread the word of Country music and Country radio's power!

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  1. I'd say that the social media and reality TV explosion of the past decade has helped our format more than any other. Think about it....with most previous country music boom cycles, the core artists were still relegated to Country-centric programming (Hee Haw, TNN, CMT, etc.). The only major network exposure they got was 2 Country music award shows.

    In Alabama's heyday, I don't think they ever performed on Good Morning America OR Letterman as they have in the past week.

    Definitely a great time to be in the format!