Sunday, April 24, 2011


I recently got an e-mail from a medium market PD. He told me that one of his jocks said “but why do I have to do that? I’m the star.” Really? Are you kidding me? In today’s radio you’re going to have that attitude?

Let's serve up some humble pie.

Long gone are the days when DJ’s were stars. Times have changed. While radio is still huge (294 million American’s will listen to the radio this week), listeners use radio more as an appliance. They don’t think about it. They turn it on when they need us and turn it off when they are done. Competition is everywhere for radio. It’s not just another station anymore. 30-40 years ago when all people had were their radio’s and a few channels on TV, then maybe you could be a star. But not today.

Very few listeners think of you as a star, at least the normal ones that know how to use PPM or fill out a diary. It’s time to stop trying to be a star and become a companion. That’s what people need. That’s what people want.

Don't make your show about you, make it about the listener.

Be a friend, not a star.


  1. Love your blog, John. Read it all the time but have never commented. I need to get back in the industry. Ryan Dokke can fill you in, I had a great conversation with him on Saturday. I guess I am looking for a "re-start" button. I am rusty from not being on the air for 3 years, but still have my chops. What would you work on first. I have a studio at home with a couple of Shure SM58's and a pop filter and great acoustics, and all kinds of recording software. Would practicing VT-ing be a good jumping off place? Talking to Bill Dodd (which I never did {my bad} because of frustrating copyright issues.)? Should I get out of the industry? This was/has been my life since I was 17 and I'm ready to give it another go, but need direction, an income, and to regain my self confidence and self esteem. I'll try to contact Dokke and fill him in a little more since I know you talk often. Take care, hope you had a great holiday. Love the blogs. James Michael Powers "The Nightrocker(!)

  2. Preachin' to the choir John! Been taking the back seat to my listeners for 20 years and it's always been about them being the stars. -Pat Michaels KAFF FM Flagstaff, AZ