Saturday, February 5, 2011


A friend of mine Brian Huen works at Radio Disney in Burbank. Part of his benefits for working there are free passes to Disneyland. He can go anytime he wants. Does he use these free passes? You bet he does.

You see, Brian gets it. He works for a format that is geared toward Tweens (9-16 year olds, the largest demo since the Baby Boomers). That's the target and he knows he needs to stay in touch with them in various ways (he also watches the same TV shows they do, talks to teachers and spends as much time as possible with his nieces and nephews).

What a great tool he has by being able to go to Disneyland when ever he wants. He's never lost that special feeling of being at Disneyland. For many kids and families, it's a once in a lifetime vacation and Brian learns a lot about his job by watching and talking with those families at the park. Plus, being at Disneyland keeps Brian focused and motivated. He knows the day that he stops wanting to go to Disneyland will be the day that he starts to lose touch with his job and the audience.

Most of us don't have a Disneyland in our backyard, but we do have events, remotes and concerts. These are just as important. Especially the concert part. These are your P1's who have spent their hard earned money to see their favorite star. This is a great place to watch and talk to these listeners. Think of it as a mini focus group.

Go where your audience is. Watch them, ask the right questions and use that information to make your station and/or your show better.

Be like Brian and take full advantage of a gigantic resource that is right in your back yard.

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