Saturday, January 22, 2011


I wonder how many times people get to the work and say to their friends “I heard on the radio this morning…?” I would bet not as much as they used to. Not because they aren’t listening as much, but because radio isn’t doing a great job of giving people the content to have them say “I heard on the radio….”

Music doesn’t count. They can get that anywhere. I’m talking about things personalities talk about and do that’s riveting, interesting and relatable enough for the listener to go and tell their friends about.

Most radio stations have been stripped of all marketing money. So all that’s left is word of mouth. Unfortunately, many companies have also stripped down the personalities and taken away anything that will garner word of mouth. This needs to change. Playing just music with no real one on one connection, fun or personality is bound to make radio even less interesting than many stations are already.

I’d love to see radio get back to being more than just juke boxes. If done right, stations can play 12-14 songs per hour and still be fun and have the connection that used to make radio so great.

Ask yourself, “what can I do to make people say to their friends ‘I heard on the radio today?’” Your station will be more successful.

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